Trademarking. Simplified.

Run By Professionals

Trademarken is run by experienced UK Trademark Consultants, each having extensive experience in the UK trademarks process, from filing to registration and renewal.

Continuing Support

Throughout the life of your trademark, from filing to registration and renewal, Trademarken Trademark Consultants are on standby to assist.

Cost Effective

Leveraging off intelligent software, Trademarken is able to offer cost effective trademark filing, without comprimising on quality. Our software automates the goods and services classification and class-based availability searching, saving you time and money.

Strong Protection

Each trademark application filed through Trademarken is reviewed by a UK Trademarks Consultants. Our Consultants will contact you if we spot any potential problems with your application and make suggestions as how to get a broader scope of protection for your brand.

Why Trademark?

Your Brand is Your Most Important Business Asset

Your brand differentiates your goods and services from those of your competitors. Failure to adequately protect your brand could turn out to be costly and allow competitors to trade off your reputation.

Having your trademark registered gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark in UK for the goods and services in which it is registered.

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The Trademark Process

Application Filing & Choosing a Trademark

How to use the Trademarken online trademark filing software

Not all UK trademarks are acceptable. Trademarks must be distinctive so as to be able to differentiate your goods or service as different from someone else's. Find out what trademarks are acceptable in UK.

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Get Started

Before You File & Filing Online

Before you file your trademark application, you should consider whether your trademark is ‘distinctive’ and whether someone else already registered a similar trademark.

How to use the Trademarken online trademark filing software

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No other UK trademark filing software is as simple to use or as thorough as the Trademarken trademark filing software.

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